if there are no dogs in heaven, I write the books, drawing is looking leather doesn't forgive not all those who wander, pilgrim home

   I write the books I would like to read myself.

they come in Dutch and German



A recent book: the novel with two fronts; the story of two women.

The novel could be the sequel to the novel 'JE WAS HIER AL'.

the illustrations I made for my novel


My most recent book in Dutch and in German is called

'My dogs never let me down!'

a non-fiction trilogy

Trekking with my Alaskan Malamute male Yurok from France via Italy and Switzerland around Europe's highest mountain with extraordinary encounters in an eye-catching landscape.

In the winter of the same year, I took my four-dog team sledding through the French Jura; I could blindly trust Iljaq, the Malamute bitch with an infallible sense for dangerous situations.

Many years later, I walked the pilgrimage through the mountains of Asturias and Galicia with Goof, with the Rhodesian Ridgeback justifying the title of this book almost to its own detriment.