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Sled dogs


Komaksiut's Arctic Prince Igor, our first Siberian husky

a sled dog virus caught in the seventies, taking care of, training and racing

with those beautiful dogs became an inexhaustible source of inspiration

maarten          sjoerd

the first pen-drawings were meant as illustrations for the club-magazine of Mushing Holland;

for ten years I have been chief-editor and illustrator of MusH, periodical of the Dutch Sled dog racing association

my first drawings with the Rotring Rapidoliner which enabled me by pointing technique to create grey tones,

which could be applied by most printing-processes, were used for window bills and charters for sled dog races

and have been published for years in TRAIL of the Arbeitsgesellschaft fr Schlittenhundesport Deutschland (AGSD),

in Clubnachrichten of the Deutscher Club fr nordische Hunde (DCNH),

Mush with P.R.I.D.E. (AGSD, DSSV, SHC and TCE) and in Mushing (USA).

and on an Alaskan aircraft


window bills

 Winterberg, Germany



magazines and charters



illustrating books

Der groe Willow

27 illustrations and the cover for the first children's book on sled dogs

written by Melanie Schumacher


Der groe Willow 2

15 illustrations and the cover for the second children's book on sled dogs

written by Melanie Schumacher


Mijn Siberian...

45 illustrations and cover for the book written by Els O. van Lierop

Mijn Siberian

and the English edition

English edition